Technical Writing Solutions, LLC

Technical Writing Solutions, LLC

"Technical writing that builds upon a strong engineering foundation"

Tom Glennan, founder and Principal Member of Technical Writing Solutions, LLC (TWS)

My career to date is that of a motivated engineering professional who has focused on writing and editing technical communication products and services. My past technical writing, engineering, and management assignments and achievements have required a thorough knowledge of engineering principles and technologies, and their application to solving real-world technical challenges and producing new products. I have also served as a manager of both programs and people, using my management skills to both successfully launch a vehicle program, as well as lead an engineering team to produce quality products. I have very strong communication skills, and I am proficient is the use of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I also have a working knowledge of HTML applications such as Dreamweaver. My extensive experience using these software applications has produced high-quality engineering standards and requirements, technical reports and white papers, instructional manuals, and applications for funding grants. I have successfully completed assignments working independently or within a team environment. I am a self-starter who has demonstrated a commitment to producing high-quality results with minimal supervision.

The TWS Strategy

Technical Writing Solutions, LLC was established in 2009 to fill the growing need for technical documentation services. As a new and growing technical writing service within the southeast Michigan area, my strategy and focus has been to:
- identify the markets and industries that require technical writing products and services,
- identify the skills and tools necessary for satisfying the needs of those potential customers,
- develop a skillset and level of expertise that will enable me to satisfy those needs
- use my extensive technical and engineering expertise and judgement to add perspective to my technical writing services

The TWS Customer

I have targeted the automotive, aerospace, defense, alternative energy, and manufacturing industries as my primary target audience and customer for the services we intend to provide. This would include now only the automotive original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs), but also the Tier One, Two, and Three suppliers to these industries. We are also directing our message to non-profit and for- profit organizations and governmental units who may not have the resources readily available to meet their technical documentation and communication needs. We feel that as a new start-up company with a well-defined markets and an excellent skillset and hands-on past, our expertise will allow us to meets the needs of a growing economy in southeast Michigan, and eventually beyond.

The TWS Competitive Edge

My competitive edge is nearly 40 years of hands-on experience in the fields of automotive engineering, development, and manufacturing, coupled with assignments requiring the creation and presentation of technical materials and concepts to both technical audiences and upper management at a major domestic automotive manufacturer. I encourage you to use the "Contact TWS" tab to begin a discussion of how my talents, skills, resources and passion can combine to solve your most pressing technical writing needs.

The competitive advantage offered by Technical Writing Solutions, LLC (TWS) is a service (technical writing) with a unique feature (a qualified writer having expertise in engineering, technology, and program management) to clients in a targeted niche market (specific engineering and manufacturing industries) that will provide tangible benefits (increased efficiency and reduced costs) for those clients. TWS offers technical writing expertise and skills on an as-needed (contract) basis to clients having technical documentation needs and requirements. Using TWS’s services will enable a client’s engineers, scientists, and technicians to focus on developing their next really big idea, while responsibility for creating and publishing the required technical documentation is handled by someone with the necessary technical and writing skills and expertise. It will also reduce the client’s costs by only paying for this expertise when it is needed, rather than carrying the cost of a full-time employee for this function. This is the competitive edge that TWS intends to use in promoting its technical writing products and services to companies with technical writing and documentation requirements and needs.